Quality assurance & Environment policy

Given the constant growth of emerging countries and the serious economic and development crisis that afflicts the current realities operating in the industrial sector, FIRAD, in recent years, has always observed a development and innovation policy not so much aimed at contrasting realities based on high production volumes but with little technology, but rather to operate on the market with a niche product, technologically advanced, which could represent what is still synonymous with credibility and recognized value in the global panorama: the “made in Italy”.

In fact, innovation and development translate into researching, believing and constantly investing in advanced machinery and technologies, which ensure the best reliability, productivity and lower environmental impact.

Through marketing operations, supported by statistical market research, the aim is to address the process of market globalization, introducing and developing, as a primary objective, the full adaptation of its technology to the highest level achieved by the most innovative Diesel injection systems, present on the world market today.

The actions taken by the Management in recent years have been based and still are based on this industrial and marketing approach, in the belief that only the constant pursuit of the global quality of the product and the technologies used in the production process can guarantee FIRAD the possibility of affirming itself in an increasingly difficult market.

FIRAD S.p.A. through this document it undertakes to:

  1. establish a reference framework for setting objectives;
  2. meet applicable requirements;
  3. meet its compliance obligations;
  4. continually improve management systems;
  5. protect the environment and prevent pollution;
  6. increase environmental performance.

Compliance with the aforementioned requirements aims to obtain:

  1. the continuous satisfaction of the expectations and requirements of the Customer and other interested parties;
  2. the involvement and professional growth of staff;
  3. cooperation and involvement of suppliers;
  4. the vision for internal organization processes;
  5. the ability to face risks and opportunities associated with the context and objectives (Risk-Based Thinking);
  6. the strategic vision of the Management, which highlights the central role of the Quality Management System for business development.

The Management has defined the following objectives of the Policy as strategic:

  • definition and updating of the analysis of the context and of the interested parties;
  • definition and updating of the analysis of risks and opportunities in all processes;
  • increase in customer satisfaction;
  • continuous staff training, to increase skills, awareness and satisfaction for their role;
  • ability to always offer each customer the best possible product within the agreed times;
  • identification, collection, management and processing of company data, essential for the proper management of the company;
  • compliance with laws, mandatory requirements and contractual requirements;
  • approach to evaluating the life cycle of products
  • respect for the environment;
  • protection of the health of its workers;
  • management and control of health emergency situations;
  • The Management undertakes to disseminate the Policy towards personnel, by posting it in a visible place and to make it available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

The Management undertakes to disseminate the Policy towards personnel, by posting it in a visible place and to make it available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

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