About us

Everything begun in 1955 in a basement in Lagrange road, Turin, headquarter of “Franz Diesel”, where a young boy makes his first steps along the road of manufacturing diesel nozzles, at that time the most popular was the FIAT 615 N truck.

Increasing requests for many different types of engines, forced the company grow, and so the Franz Diesel moved from the basement to a new facility in the old Collegno road, near to Carlo Abarth’s factory “Abarth &C.” and its racing track.

Despite it was still growing up, the company was left without an owner, when Franzil Diesel died because of an incurable disease. It was then that our young boy, now became a man, stepped in and thanks to his dynamic mind the Frank Diesel became one of most popular company in the diesel nozzle market.

It was the autumn of 1968, many workers where striking for their rights, as direct effect the entire Italian manufacturing sector was hold hostage. In this unfriendly climate Mr. Novarino and his partner Mr. Modica, chose to move the company form Turin to Bagnolo Piemonte, a small town, where Mr. Modica had his past in the Italian resistance movement.

After two years of hard works the new factory was built and the new company “FIRAD SpA” was born.

FIRAD in an acronym which stand for “Fabbrica Italiana Ricambi Apparati Diesel”.

The new company grown year after year, always working to expand its offer. Always been immediately after every technological development like the change from the indirect injection to the direct injection, or the first unit injectors, or in the new days the piezo-electric technology.

Sometimes FIRAD has been even before, like the partnership with the FIAT Research Center, working on the development of the common rail technology.

Mr. Novarino always had in his heart his alma mater and for this reason, although the company changed its name, the company logo kept the letter FD, as a reminder of his youthhood whit the Franz Diesel.

Today FIRAD is a worldwide company with a market over 70 different country all over the world and a resale office in Brazil. Our annual production is over 600.000 nozzles, between first installation and aftermarket market.

The manufacturing plant is 4500 square meters divided between production, quality assurance, R&D and office.

Actually, there are 75 people that are following the road that our founder created, working with enthusiasm and professionality to make FIRAD the leader of diesel nozzle.

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