7 good reasons to choose FIRAD

7 good reasons to choose FIRAD

1. ISO 9001:2015 certified quality

As everybody knows, today quality is fundamental, especially in the automotive sector. Our organization made the highest efforts to get the ISO 9001 & 14001 certification.

2.  Made in Italy

Every single part of the finished nozzle is manufactured by our company. Every step of the production process is managed internally. This makes our products 100% MADE IN ITALY.

7 good reasons to choose firad

3. Heat Treatment and Micro-Hardness Analysis

Every single part we manufacture is subject to an internally performed heat treatment. Every morning our quality supervisors check every batch, employing last generation tools such as the “QNESS” fully automated hardness tester.

7 good reasons to choose firad

7 good reasons to choose firad

4. Certified Raw Materials

Raw materials represent the product’s soul. For this reason, we only choose certified and tested materials. When they are delivered, dedicated acceptance controls are performed, to avoid mistakes that could damage our products along the production line.


5. Product Performance Control

As previously underlined, quality is our priority, every single day. This is why we make complete checks on each product. A semi-automated area controls both the pressure drop and the nozzle performance, granting the final product correct functioning to the final user. We also employ last generation test benches such as the “CARBON ZAPP” and “HARTRIDGE” branded.

7 good reasons to choose firad

6. Half-Century of Experience

Our experience in this field has supported our continuous growth over the years, up to the assembling of the current production line made by dedicated and highly automated machines. All this has been achieved 50 years of changes, always for the best.


7. Old and New Generation

The 50 year experience in this field guides us in the production of both old and new generation nozzles. This is reflected in our product catalogue that embraces a wide range of nozzle types, starting from the old “DN” to the most recent “PIEZOELECTRIC”.



These technical and operational pillars are valid reasons for collaboration with our company and we always strive for further strengthen them.

The aim is to pursue and obtain improvements on a daily basis to always offer the best to our international clients.

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