The innovation technology is and it will always be the beating heart of the evolution of our society. From wheel, to steam engine, from electricity to recent discoveries on quantum physics, everything it has been possible thanks to the continuous innovation.

FIRAD has always thought the continuous innovation should be the backbone of this company and for this reason, all over these years, it has started a continuous innovation technology policy. This lead FIRAD to have a partnership with many leaders of machine manufacturing industry such as Fritz Studer AG, Posalux SA, UVA LIDKÖPING AB, TORNOS SA, Sonplas Gmbh, Sunnen Products Ltd.

The latest injection systems are more and more complex and consequently the production process requires higher quality standard. For this reason, not only the manufacturing process technology has to be on the edge, but also the quality assurance too. This lead FIRAD to have a partnership with Mitutoyo Corp., Nikon Corp., Carl Zeiss AG, AMETEK Inc.

Our control plan allows us to check continuously our products along the production line, to ensure our high-quality standard. A particularly attention is dedicated to our heat treatment and for this reason, at every batch we perform:

  • Hardness test to be sure it meets the required value
  • Microscopic analysis to ensure the right steel crystalline structure

On the 100% of our production we do a final test to ensure that our products meet the following characteristic:

  • Correct degree of spray atomization
  • Correct sealing of the seat under pressure
  • Correct flow rate

This attention to every details, the high-quality standard and the attention to the environment are confirmed by SQS “Swiss Association for Quality and Management System” which, from 2003, certificate FIRAD according to the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Furthermore, since 2019, the company has been certified according to IATF 16949: 2016, the most widespread international standard for quality management systems in the automotive sector.

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