A) FIRAD S.p.A. guarantees its products for a period of 12 months, from the date of delivery, indicated in the shipping documents. We guarantee the high quality of the manufactured products, the result of using materials supplied by Italian and European manufacturers, modern technologies and continuous innovation of our machinery, united together by fifty years of know-how.

B) In the event that problems or non-conformities should arise (production errors, heat treatment errors or other errors directly attributable to the company), for the entire duration of the guarantee, FIRAD will replace the defective product free of charge, or reimburse its value.

C) The guarantee will not be applied in the event of improper use of the product sold, in particular:

  • Improper assembly and installation, not carried out by qualified personnel
  • Pin seizure caused by deformation of the nozzle hole and/or of the internal seat, due to the use of contaminated fuel (or non-fossil fuel, e.g. vegetable fuel or animal).
  • Non-standard use of the nozzle (increases according to specific customer requests, outside of OE characteristics)
  • Negligence, carelessness of the operator in cleaning the system and unauthorized tampering, will immediately void the validity of the guarantee, even before the expiry of the period indicated above

D) Should our quality office ascertain the existence of one or more of these hypotheses (point C), the shipping and verification costs will be borne entirely by the customer.

E) Furthermore, delivery costs for assembly/disassembly and for vehicle downtime will not be recognized, except in the case of duly ascertained damage to the engine, due to a product’s flaw under clause B).

F) By buying the Product, the client accepts these warranty conditions.

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